Sachiko palluna

Age: 24
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Sleepy

Sachiko is a bard and a storyteller.

Half-Raen and half-Xaela, Sachi and her parents were unceremoniously tossed out of the Steppe soon after she was born. The family traveled from Othard across the sea and settled in a remote part of Gyr Abania. Their home life wasn't a happy one, and she left at a young age to escape it, leaving two younger sisters behind. Since then, it's been a cycle of picking up the pieces, then breaking again, and then rinse and repeat.

Currently, most of Sachi's time is taken up by music and sulking. She's not particularly happy with things being this way, but no one's made a particularly persuasive argument in any other direction yet.

RP Information


• Sachiko is a reasonably well-known bard. Your character may have seen her work advertised on posters or seen her playing at a concert. If your character plays music, they may even be playing some of her songs!

• She also runs a venue that your character may have visited or heard of called Story and Song, a high-end restaurant where she plays music and her sister tells stories.

• Sachiko has, rarely, been known to get intoxicated enough to read people's cards.

Points of observation

• Everything that Sachiko does is either very controlled or completely out of control - she's a person of extremes.

• She's always meticulous about her appearance, though it isn't overdone - her makeup is minimal but skillfully applied, her clothing is simply cut but tailored from expensive material.

• Even under the makeup, the telltale signs of dark circles under her eyes are always apparent.


I specialize in comfy builds for things like venues that utilize vertical space / maximize usable area, as opposed to more confined builds with heavy details.
Available for decorating on any Primal server. Prices are a recommendation and subject to change based on specific requests.

Small - 10 mill
Medium - 15 mill
Large - 25 mill


I'm the Troupe Lead of The Wandering Bole.
Like all our bards, I'm available to perform solo or together at events.

I play only songs that I have worked on/edited and have over 6 hours of unique material (list available on request).

Solo barding or duo barding (Crystal/Primal): 200k/hr
4 or 8 bards (Primal only): 500k/hr

Character Art

Commissioned art of Sachi.

From Nora:

From J.R. Doyle:

From siji:

From Titas:


RP partners must be 18+. I am not my character and am uninterested in IC/OOC boundary crossing. I'm EST-based, but work on PST hours with a sleep schedule to match.

Sachiko is a difficult character to play, and I have an irritating schedule to balance. Between the two of us, we're unable to commit to any new frequent long-term RP at this time except under extraordinary circumstances.

Discord: mouse#6421
In-game: Sachiko Palluna @ Excalibur/Diabolos
Story and Song, all-ages RP venue (on hiatus)
The Wandering Bole - event organizing and barding services.